College Committees, 2017-2018

Executive Committee
Greg Bell, Chair Mathematics & Statistics
Selima Sultana, Chair-Elect  Geography
John Lepri, Past Chair Biology


Budget & Planning Committee
Spoma Jovanovic Communication Studies
Carmen Sotomayor Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Tom Jackson History
Olav Ruppell Biology
George Michel Psychology
Jerry Pubantz Political Science


Curriculum & Teaching Committee – website
Art Murphy, Chair Anthropology
Sherri McFarland Chemistry & Biochemistry
Heather Gert Philosophy
Paul Knapp Geography
Kelly Pereira  Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Charles Prsyby Political Science
Jonathan Zarecki Classical Studies
Haimang Zhang Mathematics & Statistics
Anatoly Miroschnichenko Physics and Astronomy


Promotion & Tenure Committee
Nick Oberlies Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jennifer Keith English
Ruth DeHoog Political Science
Danielle Bouchard Women & Gender Studies
Dan Royall Geography
Zhenquan Jia Biology
Susan Andreatta Anthropology
Clifford Smyth Mathematics & Statistics
Paul Silvia Psychology


Diversity Committee
Nadja Cech, Chair Chemistry & Biochemistry
Claudia Cabello Hunt Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Bob Anemone Anthropology
Emily Edwards Media Studies/Women and Gender Studies
Steve Cureton Sociology
Etstuko Kinefuchi Communication Studies
Delight Morehead Chemistry & Biochemistry
Omar Obregon-Cuebas Student