Mission Statement | The College of Arts and Sciences

Mission Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences promotes discovery and learning by students and faculty in the sciences, the humanities, and the arts. Firmly grounded in a tradition of rigorous disciplinary inquiry, the College also recognizes the value of connections made across disciplinary boundaries and so supports and encourages interdisciplinary and collaborative scholarship and teaching. The College is dedicated to the liberal arts mission of higher education, which is to develop the knowledge and understanding needed by citizens of a free and just society. The College faculty are committed to offering courses and programs that prepare students to meet the challenges they will face throughout their lives by emphasizing skills of reasoning, writing, speaking, and independent thinking. In pursuit of its mission, the College will:

  • support programs of scholarship, research, and creative activity by faculty and students to advance knowledge and enrich human experience;
  • offer challenging undergraduate programs in the liberal arts and sciences that prepare students to continue learning throughout their lives;
  • offer exemplary graduate programs to develop the next generation of skilled professionals in selected fields;
  • strengthen connections between graduate and undergraduate education;
  • encourage faculty to develop their skills as teachers and mentors of undergraduate and graduate students;
  • provide opportunities for faculty and students to explore interdisciplinary connections through teaching, research, and intellectual discourse;
  • expand opportunities in our own region and through international experience for students and faculty to enrich their understanding of human diversity and global issues;
  • nurture mutually beneficial collaborations with the professional schools at unit, department, and individual levels;
  • develop partnerships with private and public organizations that advance the University’s service mission and benefit the local and regional community.

Approved by the College Assembly, October 27th, 2003