Past Ashby Dialogues

2005-2006 Alan Cook Department of Theatre “Arts from Modern Africa.”  
2006-2007 May Ellis Gibson Women’s and Gender Studies “Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom.”  
2007-2008 Rachel Briley Department of Theatre “Spaces of Creation.”  
2008-2009 John Sopper  Department of Religious Studies / Grogan College “The Future of Food.”
2008-2009 Stuart Marcovitch  Department of Psychology “Music, Language, and the Brain.”  
2008-2009 Greg Grieve / Alexandra Schultheis Departments of Religious Studies / English “Changing the ‘Subject’: Buddhist, Feminist, and Poststructuralist Pedagogies and Theories of Subjectivity.”  
2008-2009 Rob Cannon Department of Biology “Evolution – A Film and Discussion Series.” 
2009-2010 Sarah Daynes Department of Sociology “Kinship in the 21st Century: Transformations and Redefinitions.” 
2010-2011 Sarah Wagner Department of Anthropology “Understanding Memory: September 11, Ten Years Later.”   
2010-2011 Chris Cassidy Department of Art “Art & Code. ”   
2011-2012 Sarah Daynes Department of Sociology “Memory at Work: September 11, Ten Years Later.”  
2013-2014 Sarah Daynes Department of Sociology “Enduring Inequalities.”
2013-2014 Joel Gunn Department of Anthropology “Human Adaptation: Past and Future.”  
2013-2014 Dohyoung Ryang Department of Mathematics and Statistics “Understanding and Implementing Japanese Lesson Study.”  
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2014-2015 Elizabeth L. Keathley Music Studies and Women's and Gender Studies "Feminist Theory and Science"
2014-2015 Laura B. Cole Department of Interior Architecture “Localization in a Global World: Exploring Local and Global Pathways to Resilience.”


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