CAS faculty, staff honored for years of service

CAS faculty, staff honored for years of service

Posted on April 18, 2022
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Minerva with Foust building in background

The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) at UNC Greensboro will hold its annual end-of-year celebration on Monday, May 2, 2022 at 2 p.m. in the EUC’s Cone Ballroom. Among the many faculty and staff to be honored are those individuals celebrating a milestone for years of service.

Please join CAS in honoring these individuals.

The following service pins will be presented by the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at End of Year Celebration:

40 Years

Susan C. Shelmerdine, Classical Studies

35 Years

William E. Crowther, Political Science
Bruce K. Kirchoff, Biology

30 Years

Franklin P. Donaldson, Media Studies
Christopher T. Hodgkins, English
Derek Krueger, Religious Studies

25 Years

Susan Andreatta, Anthropology
Joseph C. Bundy, Biology
Richard H. Fabiano, Mathematics and Statistics
Mark D. Hens, Biology
Nancy A. Myers, English
Brian S. Romine, English

20 Years

Nadja B. Cech, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Eleanor L. Cowen, CAS Advising Center (CASA)
Lixin Fu, Computer Science
Mary B. Hall-Brown, Geography/Environment/Sustain
Spoma Jovanovic, Communication Studies
Zhi-Jun Liu, Geography/Environment/Sustain
Christopher N. Poulos, Communication Studies
Scott J. Richter, Mathematics and Statistics
Paul A. Steimle, Biology
Shanmugathasan Suthaharan, Computer Science
Chiaki Takagi, Languages Lit and Cultures

15 Years

Teresa S. Barber, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Danielle M. Bouchard, Women’s Gender and Sexuality
Anthony J. Cuda, English
Maria M. Freeman, Languages Lit and Cultures
Laura F. Grubbs, Biology
Matthew J. Mckinnon, Associate Dean Programs
Ketevan Mkheidze, Associate Dean Programs
John C. Parr, Associate Dean Programs
Sebastian G. Pauli, Mathematics and Statistics
Linda M. Rupert, History
Heather Rushforth, Biology
Filip Saidak, Mathematics and Statistics
Roy J. Schwartzman, Communication Studies
Jonathan P. Zarecki, Classical Studies

To be presented by Department Head (arrangements to be determined by department head):

10 Years

Jill C. Bender, History
Erin D. Harrison, Communication Studies
Zhenquan Jia, Biology
Loreen N. Olson, Communication Studies
Kimberly S. Petersen, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Huzefa A. Raja, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ratnasingham Shivaji, Mathematics and Statistics
Melinda J. Wolf, Psychology
Ethan Zell, Psychology

5 Years

Chandana Ariyawansa, Computer Science
Ramji K. Bhandari, Biology
Callie Burnett, Biology
Anthony D. Cipolone, Dean’s Office – AS
Paul C. Cloninger, English
Sara J. Estle, Psychology
Leonette R. Griffin, Biology
Jason L. Herndon, Psychology
Andrew D. Hollady, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Kristina R. Joyner, Religious Studies
John Z. Kiss, Dean’s Office – AS
Somya D. Mohanty, Computer Science
Iglika V. Pavlova, Biology
Pradyumna K. Pradhan, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Carri M. Richter, Mathematics and Statistics
Brenda M. Ross, Languages Lit and Cultures
Siera S. Schubach, Physics and Astronomy
Jenni M. Simon, Communication Studies
Tad P. Skotnicki, Sociology
Nicholson H. Sprinkle, CAS Advising Center (CASA)
Jessica M. Van Rheenen, English
Kaira M. Wagoner, Biology
Christopher N. Wahlheim, Psychology
Kevin R. Wells, Media Studies
April N. Wright, Communication Studies