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Curriculum Planning

For any curricular item to take effect (new or amended course proposal, program revision, concentration or minor proposal, routine course change, etc.), it must proceed through a sequence of review stages. Items must be approved by each of the appropriate committees including the College Curriculum and Teaching (C&T) Committee, the Teachers’ Academy Committee (for items pertaining to the teacher education program), the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC), the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC), and the General Education Council (for items to be included in the General Education Program).

This review process can be lengthy. Please submit your material as soon as possible since there is the possibility that the committees won’t approve an item the first time it’s on their agenda; they could require revisions and a re-submission before the item is passed for the next committee. Therefore, if you are planning a new or amended course proposal or any other curricular revision, you should begin preparing your paperwork for committee review as soon as possible.

To facilitate C&T’s review, this year the committee is continuing a preview service which could be helpful in identifying issues in forms or content that could keep an item from being approved during its first reading by C&T. You may email your material to ( It will be forwarded to a C&T committee member who will try to give you an informed reaction within a 24-hour period. After receiving this feedback, you can make your changes, then submit the updated version by email to according to the schedule of deadlines. Please note that the preview service: (1) should be done electronically via email, rather than using hard-copies to avoid hand-delivery; (2) does not constitute formally submitting your material for committee review; (3) should be done well in advance of C&T’s submission deadlines.

Points for Preparing Proposals