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The College of Arts & Sciences Values Diversity

The College believes in the importance of diversity in higher education.

“In a broad sense, diversity includes differences in ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, and numerous other aspects of the human condition, all of which may challenge our students’ perceptions and understanding and contribute usefully to their intellectual and personal development.”
-From Agenda for Faculty Diversity

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Recent Initiatives:

Based on his online teaching here at UNCG, Paul Silvia wrote a short e-book on disability and accessibility in online courses. Titled Disability and Accessibility in the Virtual Classroom: Practical Tips for Designing Human-Friendly Online Courses, the book outlines practical tips for making online courses more accessible. It covers topics ranging from developing good text; working with images, video, audio, and slides; avoiding common problems with colors, lists, and tables; and designing assignments and giving feedback. The book is available on Amazon.