Faculty and Student Minimum Competencies

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Computer Operation and Setup

    • You must be familiar with how your computer operates, whether that be a laptop, desktop, or tablet
    • Understand what operating system you have and the software you have loaded
    • Know how to use email, including sending and receiving attachments
    • Ability to manage files and folders
    • Be educated on how to avoid computer viruses
    • If you will need to access multimedia, it is your responsibility to make sure that your speakers, camera, and headset are working correctly
    • Understanding of basic computer and Internet terminology

Internet Competencies

  • You should be able to navigate at least Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, as you may have to use both at various times
  • Know how to open multiple browser tabs and windows
  • Be able to install browser plugins, especially related to viewing multimedia such as videos

Understand the Learning Management System (LMS) Used
If you don't understand the LMS tools used in your online course, then you will struggle and you will not be able to assist your students if/when they struggle. Most online courses require at least knowledge of how to:

  • Create announcements
  • Create a content folder in the LMS
  • Add items and documents to the online course
  • Create and participate in discussion forums
  • Upload various types of assignments, such as paper submissions or quizzes
  • Proper setup and use of grade center
  • Manage student enrollment in the course and in groups (if used)
  • Copy course content from one semester to the next

Word Processing

  • A basic understanding of Microsoft Word is essential, including such things as changing and formatting fonts, adjusting margins and line heights, and inserting images
  • Create numbered and bulleted lists and format outlines


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