Strategies for Effective Online Course Design - Overview

As online classes become more and more commonplace and accepted as a valid method for learning, it is important that educators take the time to consider the effectiveness of online course designs. With so many media and presentation options available, it can be easy to becomed mired in the technology and lose sight of the actual instruction.It is important to remember to let the content and learning goals drive the selection of content, rather than the other way around.

Developing an online course can be a tremendously rewarding project for instructors. However, for those poorly prepared for the process involved in developing an online course, the project can quickly become a nightmare.This website is designed to provide a framework for how to proceed through the various stages of online course design. As you will see, the preparation for developing an online course is just as significant a part of your strategy as the actual technical creation of the course—without proper preparation and planning, you could well end up with a technically sound course that flounders instructionally.


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