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CAS Website Support


The Webmaster of the College of Arts and Sciences aims to develop functional and visually interesting websites for the College’s departments and special programs. If you are interested in developing a website for your department or would like to update your current one, feel free to contact the Webmaster, Simone Parker, for more information. All websites must adhere to the UNCG Brand Guidlines.

Website Updates

Simone is available to aid in the maintenance of any pre-existing department Websites. This includes updating images, changing static text, and creating new pages. Any constantly changing elements (i.e. “Events” or “Department Highlights”) must be maintained by the department. Depending on the scale of the updates needed, these projects may take up to a week to fulfill.

Website Redesigns

The College of Arts and Sciences aims to unify the departments under a central philosophy and aesthetic. If your department would like to redesign their current website to fit the new University standards, please email Simone to begin the process. After your project has been approved by Associate Dean Dr. Dayna Touron, your department will be added to the queue and a meeting will be scheduled with Simone to discuss the department’s vision.


Simone Parker